More John Gardner bargains in The Works

I found a great bargain in my local branch of The Works today. They had five more of the new John Gardner books, namely Scorpius, Licence to Kill, Win Lose or Die, The Man From Barbarossa and Death is Forever. They were included in a ‘four for £5’ offer.

The girl in the shop said the offer ends tomorrow and it goes back to ‘three for £5’ which is still very good.

They still had copies of Icebreaker, Role of Honour and Nobody Lives Forever which appeared in the chain in June.

Silverfin review

Thanks to Fred for his Silverfin review…

Silverfin – Young Bond 1

When Ian Fleming Publications announced they had commissioned Charlie Higson to write a series of novels about the adventures of a juvenile James Bond, fans weren’t exactly thrilled. The die-hards couldn’t believe that the adult Bond could be ‘translated’ to a younger audience. These new batch of readers would probably have never read any of the original novels. That means that a younger Bond would need to capture an entirely new generation of readers and that was a very difficult task because the Young Bonds would have to compete with non other than Harry Potter. Magic against malice.

So, how did Silverfin, the first novel, fare? Except for the prologue that features a strange and slimy episode in a Scottish lake, the first part was in a sense a bit reminiscent of Harry Potter. James Bond enters his first year at Eton where he manages to find his first enemies, Lord Hellebore and his son. Then, during the holidays, the action moves to Scotland, where death, violence and madness interferes with the reader’s peace of mind. James Bond leaves this first novel shaken, stirred and scarred.

Even if you’re not a fan of James Bond, Silverfin will surely be a gripping read for a juvenile reader but – at the same time – be an enjoyable read for adults. It’s the best of both worlds.

John Gardner New Edition Bargains in The Works

UK readers may want to pop down to their local branch of The Works bargain bookshop chain as they now have three just published John Gardner Bond novesl for just £1.99 each.

The three books in question are Icebreaker, Role of Honour and Nobody Lives Forever.

The books were only published on 10 May 2012 and have a RRP of £7.99 so it’s a bargain whatever way you look at it!


First Vintage Fleming covers revealed

The first nine covers of Vintage’s Ian Fleming editions have now appeared on Amazon. The designers have gone for a minimal approach and to be honest I’m a little underwhelmed. See for yourselves…

I understand that Vintage will be doing an additional series of covers so fingers-crossed they are, well, better.

John Gardner reissues from Orion

During 2012 Orion books will be reprinting John Gardner’s series of 16 James Bond novels, including his two novelisations. So far the first 12 covers have been revealed.

I’m really in two minds about the cover designs. While it’s very welcome to see the reprints and get a uniform look to the books I do think they are somehow lacking. Thery certainly don’t scream “buy me!” which is the job of a well-designed cover after all. Hopefully they will grow on me.

It’s also interesting to see the two novelisations are included. I don’t think any of the other novelisations ever got a reprint.

The first two titles, Licence Renewed and For Special Services were released on 2 February 2012.


The next three books Icebreaker, Role of Honour and Nobody Lives Forever come out on 10 May 2012.



No Deals, Mr Bond follows on 7 July along with Brokenclaw which is not next in sequence. Odd.


On 2 August we get five more titles including Scorpius, Win, Lose or Die, Licence to Kill, The Man From Barbarossa and Death is Forever. I note that Licence is spelt License with an ‘s’, even though the movie was spelt with a ‘c’. Also the Harrier on the cover of Win, Lose or Die is an American Harrier II, and not the British Sea Harrier. These things matter! 🙂


The final four books follow on 8 November, namely Never Send Flowers, Seafire, GoldenEye and Cold. I’ll add the cover images when they turn up.

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