On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Publication date: 1962
Villain: Blofeld & SPECTRE
Girl: Tracy Vicenzo (a.k.a. Mrs James Bond)
Villain’s Plot: Introducing disease into Britain’s livestock and demanding a ransom. Quite ahead of it’s time that one.
Main locations: Royale in France (for the tenth anniversary of Casino Royale I suppose) and Blofeld’s mountain base Piz Gloria.

The Best Bits are the ski chase and… Well, the whole thing really. It’s my favourite Fleming novel. In fact it’s one of my favourite books of all time. Back when I read it for the first time I genuinely couldn’t put it down and I was up reading it to all hours. Back when GoldenEye was released Pierce Brosnan said he wanted to do a remake.

The movie appeared in 1969 and is perhaps the most faithfully adapted from a Fleming novel. George Lazenby made his only appearance as Bond, and I think he’s not as bad as people say. One myth is that he left because the movie was not a success. First of all, it was a success (although not as big as the previous movies). Second of all Lazenby announced he was leaving the role before the movie was even released.

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