For Your Eyes Only

Publication date: 1960

Not a novel, this is the first of two collections of short stories. Fleming adapted some unused Bond TV scripts and discovered that he enjoyed the short story form.

From A View to a Kill:
Dispatch riders are going missing so Bond poses as one and discovers what is happening to them. Nothing to do with the movie.

For Your Eyes Only:
Very closely adapted as part of the movie of the same name.  Bond is sent to avenge the Havelocks –
friends of M who have been murdered.  Along the way he finds the crossbow-wielding daughter of the Havelocks who also wants revenge.

(Incidentally the movie of For Your Eyes Only also contains the scene from
Live and Let Die where Bond and a girl are dragged behind a boat as shark food.)

Quantum of Solace:
Not a Bond adventure, it is a story told to Bond over drinks after a dinner dinner table. The title was of course used for the 2008 Bond movie.

The other story used for the movie For Your Eyes Only. British agent Kristatos tells Bond that Columbo is his enemy. Columbo finds out thanks to a taped conversation and convinces Bond that Kristatos is actually the bad guy. They join forces to stop the Kristatos drug-smuggling operation.

The Hildebrand Rarity:
Features the character of Milton Krest and his boat, the Wavekrest. Both of which find their way to the movie Licence to Kill. Krest is a nasty piece of work who beats
his wife and poisons hundreds of fish in order to capture the Hildebrand rarity of the title. Bond’s reaction to the death of the fish is a highlight. Krest eventually ends up dead and we aren’t told who did it.

In 2008 in order to have a Quantum of Solace tie-in book the publishers
created a “new” Fleming book using all the short stories in this collection and Octopussy.

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