Dr No

Publication date: 1958
Villain: Dr. No
Girl: Honeychile “Honey” Rider
Villain’s Plot: Causing American rockets to crash on behalf of the Soviet Union.
Main locations: Jamaica & Crab Key.

Some of the more memorable bits are the centipede in the bed (changed to a spider in the movie), the ‘dragon’ and the obstacle course.

Continuity notes: Quarrel returns from an earlier appearance in Live and Let Die. Bond is recovering from the poisoning incident at the end of From Russia With Love.

This was of course the first book adapted into a Bond movie, appearing in 1962. It’s quite a faithful adaptation in fact, even down to the “three blind mice” opening sequence and Honey’s appearance on the beach collecting shells.

One difference was the inclusion of Felix Leiter who did not appear in the book. Another was No’s organization being changed to SPECTRE.

This was the first Fleming novel I read.

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