Moonraker Folio Society Edition

The Folio Society have announced their next illustrated Ian Fleming James Bond novel is Moonraker. I’m pretty pleased about this as it’s my favourite of the earlier Bond novels.

Moonraker will join their matching editions of Casino Royale, From Russia With Love and Dr No with illustrations by Fay Dalton.

You can read more and order the book here:

Finally here’s a look at the book and the illustrations.






New Vintage Hardback Cover Images

Last year I discovered listings for new hardback editions for three of Ian Fleming’s Bond novels. The titles were Casino Royale, Live and Let Die and Goldfinger. The release date was originally December 2016 but the publication was delayed for some reason. I’ve kept an eye on the listings and now some draft cover images have finally appeared.

IMG_9296 IMG_9297 IMG_9299

I have to say I do like those images. The art uses representations of James Bond, Baron Samedi and Goldfinger but if you look closely you can see other characters and scenes from the books incorporated into the image.

Currently the books have publication dates of 2 November 2017 and an RRP of £12.99 each. According to Amazon the cover dimensions are around 13.2 x 20.4 cm.

I’ll update later when final images appear. Hopefully the release date won’t slip again.

Dr No Folio Society Edition

The Folio Society have now produced another Ian Fleming James Bond novel. This time it is Dr No, appropriately following on from their edition of From Russia With Love that was published late last year.

The book comes with a slipcase and has seven atmospheric colour illustrations by Fay Dalton.

Here are some of the images they have released of the book, including Bond’s fight with the octopus.

IMG_6204 IMG_6206 IMG_6207

As before the book will cost £34.95 and is available for purchase from the Folio Society site:

So if your keeping track the Folio Society have now done Casino Royale, From Russia With Love and Dr No. You can see all three books here:

My fingers remain crossed that either Moonraker or OHMSS will be next…

From Russia With Love Folio Society Edition

The Folio Society have produced another Ian Fleming James Bond novel. This time it is From Russia With Love. The book comes with a slipcase and has six colour illustrations.

Here are some images they have released of the book…

img_0153 img_0154 img_0155 img_0156

The book will set you back £34.95 and is available for purchase here:

However if you don’t already have their earlier edition of Casino Royale then you can get both at a discount here:

Casino Royale and Live and Let Die Vintage Hardbacks

I’ve just noticed a couple of listings for new hardback editions of the first two James Bond novels, Casino Royale and Live and Let Die. The new editions are by Vintage who currently print the UK paperback editions.

The books appear to include introductions. It looks like Casino Royale has one written by Alan Judd and Live and Let Die has one written by Andrew Taylor.

Both books are scheduled for publication on 1 December 2016. One assumes the other twelve books will follow.

There are no cover images yet but the product links are below…



Trigger Mortis paperback


Just a quick note that the paperback edition of last year’s new James Bond novel Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz is out next month.

The paperback is published on 19 May 2016 by Orion books and the cover art can be seen above.

At first glance I think I might actually quite like that cover, but I’ll need to see it in person before making a final judgement.

Casino Royale Folio Society Edition


The Folio Society have announced they are doing a slip-cased edition of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel Casino Royale. It will have an introduction by John Banville and illustrations by Fay Dalton.

The book will be available in “mid-October” and will cost £34.95.

You can find out more about how to order the edition and see some of the other illustrations at


Spectre Trilogy Slipcase in ‘The Works’

I spotted a Spectre Trilogy Slipcase listed on The Works website yesterday. This would appear to be another unofficial tie-in to the new Bond movie out in a few weeks time.

The set contains Ian Fleming’s three Spectre novels, namely Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and You Only Live Twice. The editions appear to be the Vintage “black” editions with the photographic covers.

Here are the photos that accompanied the listing.



As yet I’ve no idea what size these paperbacks are but I assume they will be the same size as the standard editions. If so then that £10 price tag is quite reasonable.


Colonel Sun reissue from Vintage books


The first James Bond continuation novel, Colonel Sun, is to get a UK reissue from Vintage books on 22 October 2015

Colonel Sun was originally written by Kingsley Amis under the pen name Robert Markham and published back in 1968.

Of of the top of my head I think this will be the first reissue in the UK since the Coronet editions back in the 1990s.

Edit: Cover image added on 14 September 2014.

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