Trigger Mortis Waterstones Special Edition


The new James Bond novel, Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz, is out this week in hardback and trade paperback.

Waterstones are doing their own special edition with a black version of the cover as pictured above. This edition contains some extra Ian Fleming material that is not in the ordinary edition.

For some reason my local Waterstones doesn’t have any copies of this special edition so I had to order it online and I’m waiting on my copy to arrive.

I do think the black does make the lacklustre cover design slightly more interesting.

Spectre movie tie-in (sort of)

To tie-in with the release of the 24th Bond movie Spectre the publishers Vintage are producing a “Spectre Trilogy” book.

This volume will collect the three Spectre novels, namely Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and You Only Live Twice.

However there seems to have been no attempt to use the movie poster font or any other imagery like the “octopus”.

image image

Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz

So we have the title, cover image and some plot details for the new James Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz. The book is called Trigger Mortis. Honestly, I don’t love the title but prerhaps it will grow on me.

Here’s the cover…


And I don’t love the cover but perhaps it will grow on me as well. (Why do they shy away from doing a nice pulpy bit of 1960s inspired art?)

The blurb below doesn’t give too much away but apparently the book is set in 1957, just a couple of weeks after the events of Goldfinger. This means Pussy Galore will appear, much to the delight of newspaper headline writers. But the book also seems to be set at the cusp of the space race. Note the rocket blueprints on the book cover.

Anyway here’s the blurb…

James Bond is back where he belongs.

Anthony Horowitz’s new novel is a thrilling tour de force, sure to delight fans of the original 007 novels and new readers alike. It also features previously unseen material written by Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming.

The story begins in the lethal world of Grand Prix and an attempt by the Russians to sabotage a race at Nürburgring, the most dangerous track in Europe. Bond is in the driving seat but events swiftly take an unexpected turn, pitching him into an entirely different race with implications that could change the world.

Anthony Horowitz recreates the golden age of Bond, packed with speed, danger, strong women and fiendish villains, in this brilliantly authentic adventure.

More details can be found in this Guardian article:

Trigger Mortis is published in hardback by Orion books on 8 September 2015 in the UK.

William Boyd Bond book titled Solo

Some plot information about the William Boyd Bond novel and the title Solo were announced this week.

William Boyd announced on Monday that the title of his forthcoming James Bond sequel will be Solo – reflecting the 45-year-old spy’s decision to go off piste on an unauthorised mission.

Making his announcement at the opening day of the London Book Fair, Boyd said: “In my novel, events conspire to make Bond go off on a self-appointed mission of his own, unannounced and without any authorisation – and he’s fully prepared to take the consequences of his audacity.”

Boyd, who grew up in west Africa and has featured African countries in several novels, added that the continent would play a key part in Bond’s three-continent escapade. “It’s what happens to Bond in Africa that generates his urge to ‘go solo’ and take matters into his own hands in the USA.”

On his choice of title, Boyd said: “Sometimes less is more. For me as a novelist the simple beauty of Solo as the title of the next James Bond novel is that this short four-letter word is particularly and strikingly apt for the novel I have written.

“Titles are very important to me and as soon as I wrote down Solo on a sheet of paper I saw its potential. Not only did it fit the theme of the novel perfectly, it’s also a great punchy word, instantly and internationally comprehensible, graphically alluring and, as an extra bonus, it’s strangely Bondian in the sense that we might be subliminally aware of the ’00’ of ‘007’ lurking just behind those juxtaposed O’s of SOLO …”

The news adds to the scant details thus far revealed for Boyd’s book – the original announcement of which in February came with the teaser line: “1969. A veteran secret agent. A single mission. A licence to kill. James Bond returns.” Solo will be published on 26 September in the UK by Fleming’s original publisher, Jonathan Cape, in hardback, ebook and audio editions.


William Boyd Bond Novel in 2013

I really should get around to mentioning that there will be a new James Bond novel out in September 2013 written by William Boyd. There’s no title and very little in the way of plot details so far other than the fact that the book will be set in 1969 and will feature a 45 year old Bond, which seems in keeping with the original Fleming version of the character.

Here’s a link with (not very much) more information:

Thanks to Fred for the reminder.

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